Penad Plastic co.pjs. was established in 1385 and in 1387 in Yazd province in central of Iran and has been constantly operational.

The company has dedicated resources to customer satisfaction and has purchased new European machinery technology in 2007 with annual capacity of 4000 tons.

In the first phase the company produced 220 liter L-ring Tight-head barrels and 220 liter Open head barrels in accordance with the packaging standards of Europe.

High-grade raw materials.

We only use high-grade raw materials in order to be able to deliver standard products with superior quality in the world's markets.

Advanced machinery

Penad Plastic is able to produce high quality products by means of brand new machinery with European technology

Quality Products

Our products have the highest quality and relevant industrial standards.

Special Features.

Penad Plastic products have these features as well:

Long-term Warranty

Long lasting products with long-term warranty.

UN Standard

Standard for transporting hazardous materials.

Pressure Resistant

Prevent deformation in the high pressures.


Can be used to transport hazardous materials.

Acid Resistant

Resistant against acids or highly corrosive material.

Fire Resistant

Resistant against solvent and flammable materials.

Hit Resistant

Sudden drop resistant based on standard tests.

UV Resistant

Resistant against UV rays and sunlight.


Trackable barrel main customer.

Our Customers

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