The most important design principles of a modern villa

The most important design principles of a modern villa

In today’s world, man is looking for the smallest opportunity to get out of the turbulent urban environment, so the best place to take refuge in nature is the villa. In our country, due to the pristine natural areas as well as the attractive and enchanting climate in the north of the country, modern and classy villas have been designed that will fascinate every viewer. In order to design all modern villas, both inside and outside, important points have been used, and we consider it necessary to express these principles of modern villa design. At present, large villas are used for the construction of modern villas, so that architects can implement their ideas in this large plot of land. But in this part, we want to deal with the interior of the villa, which is the most important point about the design principles of a modern villa. For the interior design of these villas, usually high ceilings are used. One of the most important points to be observed is the separation of private and public parts of the villa, which must be separated separately by the art of architecture, and when a party enters the villa, a bad feeling about using the private places of the property owner Do not have.

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